ReSanity is Coming SOON!

Birth Announcement: Kind of. Our years of research and practical applications are almost complete as we finish up the details of this epic book, ReSanity: Truths about Food, Pharma and Healthy Living In An InSane World. Mega info at your finger tips on Statin Drugs, Natural Food sourcing, Supplementation Facts and Myths, Sugar facts and [...]

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More Energy, Lose Weight, More Fun Anyone?

I know it’s hard to lose weight. Everything is stacked against you. There’s not enough time to exercise or prepare fresh meals. Everything is go, go, go. I get it. You are just trying to get by each day. But let’s say you could control more of what you buy and eat. How do you [...]

Kombucha on Tap

Every year there seems to be a new cutting-edge diet or exercise that emerges and tells us that, what we are currently doing needs a change. Unfortunately, many of these health fads fade away as the newest philosophy or study takes the stage. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to keep track of all the health [...]

Feel Healthy This Spring

Feel Healthy This Spring: With spring upon us, why not spring forward into a healthier you? Warmer weather plus additional daylight hours plus the growth of new vegetation equals revitalization from those long winter months. Springtime can signify a new beginning for our happiness and health! So rejuvenate and feel healthy this spring by exercising, [...]

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What Is A SCOBY?

What is a SCOBY you ask? SCOBY stands for Symbiotic Culture of friendly Bacteria and Yeast. Sounds great, right?! But with all the healthy drink choices you have, and all the marketing techniques why should I choose this? And what does it really do for me? Probiotics are recommended to keep up the good bacteria [...]

Healthy Drinking

Healthy food choices to one person may not be healthy in the next person’s eyes. Healthy drinking is no different. In this article we are going to touch on healthy drinking in all forms. Healthy drinking starts with water. Good ol’ H2O should be our go- to beverage when we need to quench our thirst. [...]

How to Pack Some Protein Rich Veggies into Your Diet

Protein is essential to add to your diet for a variety of reasons – obtaining essential amino acids, weight loss, muscle tone, hair, skin and nails or even to improve your health overall. Incorporating protein rich veggies into your diet may be tough at first, but only if you don’t know which types of protein [...]

Popular Kombucha Flavors

At Anne’s Kombucha we are kombucha connoisseurs, so we want to introduce you to you some popular kombucha flavors. Of course Anne’s Kombucha is our favorite kombucha so we will take you through some popular kombucha flavors that we make, but there are some other flavors out there that we enjoy as well. There are [...]

Benefits of Probiotics

What are probiotics and what are the benefits of probiotics? Anne’s Kombucha is loaded with probiotics, so we want to give an intro into the world of probiotics and what they mean for your body. Kombucha is essentially made up of a living culture of microorganisms that are beneficial to your health. The probiotic content [...]

The Power of Flower Essences in Kombucha

If you’ve ever tried Kombucha, you know that Anne’s Kombucha is more than just a step above the rest. What is it that makes Anne’s Kombucha so much more energizing and refreshing? Anne’s secret is flower essences! Anne’s Kombucha is the first Kombucha on the market infused with organic flower essences. What are flower essences? [...]

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