Primal Pastures

Why our meat is different –

To sum it all up, we respect nature. A lot. Actually, we are quick to acknowledge that nature is smarter than we are!  It’s also smarter than science. Everything that we do is aimed at creating a natural habitat for our animals to thrive in.

For our pasture raised chickens, this means a free range experience from day one where they are raised outside, on grass, soaking up the Vitamin D and scratching at the ground for bugs and worms. The supplemental feed that we provide is Organic and free of GMO’s or Soy. It also contains items found in a chicken’s natural diet. Our birds are given the ability to roam around and do things chickens are meant to do on a spacious grassy area that is rotated daily to allow the grass time to recover and give the birds fresh forage to munch on.  Read more about our pasture raised chickens here.

Our sheep are pasture raised and free range, receiving no grain throughout their entire lives. They are treated humanely and forage on pasture every day of their lives. They live in a low stress environment and are rotated to fresh pastures to simulate the mob grazing effect found in nature.  Read more about our grass fed sheep here.

Since day one, we have spared no expense and our commitment to quality and integrity is unfaltering. No matter how much Primal Pastures grows, at the end of the day we are feeding this food to our children and grandchildren, and you can rest assured that our animals are living the life that they were designed for.